Tuesday, 28 June 2011



-can you get what i mean?

too much pressure, so don't push me, don't let me down, getting me in the deep

try to be calm, relax, act naturally, but it's really dark inside
act like a fool, idiot, cheers.. but my brain works 
hard to get out from that, that, that and another that trouble.

can't you accept me with my sadness, with my cry, with my bad, with my negativity

just give your shoulder for me to put on
even to cry

it's hard to be an adult
where's my peterpan so he can fly me to neverland

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Aamiin! :)

Aku hanya ingin penyesalan muncul di masa masa seperti ini, ketika aku masih muda bukan ketika aku berada di penghujung hayat ku, hanya itu permintaanku tuhan


-nemu quote ini dan this is my truly hope